W4AQL Repeater

145.15 - 167.9hz tone.

The W4AQL repeater is located on West Campus, colocated with the WREK transmitter. It is an open repeater, which means that anyone that can reach it is free to use it. It is not very heavily used but there is usually someone listening. The repeater coverage is quite good, and covers a fair portion of the Atlanta Metro area. The W4AQL Repeater uses a frequency of 145.15 with a (-) offset and requires 167.9 Hz subaudible tone for access. The repeater always transmits 167.9 Hz CTCSS tone on the output for those that wish to enable the decode feature on their radio.

The repeater controller is a Pacific Research RI-310e. The main radio is a Kenwood repeater radio, with 50-100 watts of output power. The main antenna is a DB products DB224-E on top of the tower at about 320 feet above average terrain.