Official Website for Amateur Radio Testing Sessions at Georgia Tech

Please note, this is the only official source for information regarding amateur radio testing sessions held at Georgia Tech. These testing sessions are sponsored on campus by the Georgia Tech Amateur Radio Club W4AQL and the Atlanta Radio Club W4DOC. If you discover information to the contrary on another site, please email with the URL.

Table of Contents

Dates and Times

Tests are held on the 4th Sunday of every month except December at 2:30 PM. The tests are not timed, but everyone has usually finished within two hours.

What to bring

You may also check ARRL’s more detailed list.

Location & Parking

Testing sessions are held in the Van Leer Electrical Engineering Building (map), room W218. The Van Leer Building is locked on weekends. VEs should arrive by 2:00 PM and will let people in.

The Parking Office has information for visitors. The best parking to use is marked Area 4 on the parking map and is located at the intersection of State Street and Ferst Drive. The rate for this parking lot is $2.00 per hour (as of 18 November 2013); the current rates are available from the parking office.

Directions to the Van Leer building

Driving From South of Atlanta

Driving From North of Atlanta

Using MARTA and walking

If you decide to take MARTA, please make sure you allow enough time to walk from the MARTA station to the Van Leer Building.

Using MARTA and Tech Trolley

This method is not recommended because the Trolley nominally leaves the MARTA station every 36 minutes on weekends; walking may be faster.

Registration and Updates

If you will require special assistance on the exam, please email us to pre-register at least two weeks in advance of of test session so that we can ensure that accomodations will be available.

For all test candidates, please subscribe to the mailing list. This list is stored on a Georgia Tech server solely for the purpose of informing you of upcoming exams. Once you have taken the exam, you are welcome to remove yourself from this list! Approximately one week prior to the exam each month, you will receive an email reminder. Unless you will require special assistance, you do not need to ‘pre-register’ other than this. The purpose of this list is so that we can inform you in case of an unexpected circumstance that requires us to cancel an exam session or have a change of location.

You do NOT need to send an email to confirm your attendance unless you require special assistance. Any last minute updates will be emailed to the mailing list.

Talk-In Information

If you are already a licensed ham, someone is generally monitoring our repeater: 145.150(-) PL 167.9.

Information for Volunteer Examiners

If you are an ARRL accredited VE who lives in the Atlanta area and is interested in helping us out, please contact us at , and we will put you on our VE Team mailing list. Our team staffs sessions with Amateur Extra licensees, but General or Advanced licensees may still join the mailing list. Approximately two weeks prior to an exam session, a message will be sent to all VEs requesting volunteers for that session. In addition to the monthly sessions, there are usually two extra sessions, one during the fall semester and one during the spring semester, that are associated with our Ham Radio Boot Camp. The Boot Camp is not held at the same time every year but will be announced at least a month in advance.