Technical Bulletins

(Disclaimer: this page has not been updated in quite some time and should now be considered archival.)

Hello and welcome to the W4AQL Technical Bulletins! As a forward, I want to provide you with a cautionary note regarding the technical nature of these papers in that they are not very technical at all. However, they do provide some good information and some reasoning behind why we set the club up the way we did. These papers are meant to serve more as a guide than a definitive source for technical data. Although Georgia Tech is a technical school, I am far from an expert on anything technical! Hopefully these various papers on different subjects will help you figure out where you need to go with your shack, either a club station or a home QTH.

Any feedback would be appreciated regarding these papers. While right now the list is light in the number of papers and technical data they contain, I expect the list to grow and many more papers will be added as time goes by. Anyway, 73 and thank you for stopping by!


This bulletin goes into the setup of the W4AQL satellite station, although it was not complete at the time this article was written. A future paper will complete this issue with the installation of hardware. We expect this project to be finished in time for the launch of Phase 3D.

Author: | Date: 6-Aug-1999 - Release 1.0

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Author: N/A | Date: January 19, 2006

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Martin F. Jue Amateur Radio Talk

Author: N/A | Date: February 25, 2010

Video on Atlanta Radio Club’s YouTube channel

National Hurricane Conference Ham Workshop

Author: N/A | Date: April 18, 2011

Video coming soon. Watch North Shore Radio Association’s video page.